Black Hat USA – Management and Speaking

At Black Hat USA this year, I will present Influence Management and Win Presentations. In this talk, I’ll cover things you can do to convince your management that presenting at a security conference is a good idea.


Throughout the years, I’ve heard quite a few stories from people with management that won’t let them speak at events. I also know people threatened with losing their job if they did. Often, the justification given is rather dated.

In a situation where a presenter has to pull an already accepted presentation, an unnecessary strain is put on conference organizers as well. Nobody benefits from this.

Presenting at conferences is a subject I’m passionate about because there is value from both a personal growth as well as an information sharing perspective. These advantages can go unrecognized at companies that aren’t service-oriented. In this presentation, I hope to shed some light on some misconceptions and provide some actionable takeaways that people can use to affect a change of perception at their organization.

Do You Have A Story?

Last year I wrote a blog post on ModernCISO about letting your people speak at security conferences. I wanted to take this concept further and start a conversation at Black Hat’s Day Zero.

Do you have a story about a success or failure convincing your management about presenting at a security conference? Please let me know. I’d love to hear about it.

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